The autonomy

The autonomy in childhood education is closely linked with the responsibility to perform some actions, to take care of objects and to maintain a series of habits. The child starts from an inicial situation of a total dependence on the adult; however, it will gradually acquire autonomy in different aspects. This development to the autonomy and individualization is a process that determines the maturity of the child during his/her life. Achieving this autonomy, it is related with different aspects of his/her development:

  • To know progressively the affective states and to express adequately emotions and feeling.
  • A proper adquisition of health habits, body care, hygiene and food.
  • The progessive mastery of their body and the mobility of their parts, which enables the relationship with the environment and they can play.
  • To be conscious of their own limitations and possibilities.
  • To take initiative and put them in practice to be able to deal with simple everyday problems.
  • To interact with peers and to recognize the diversity that exists between their mates.

However, here it is a small mention of the evolution of the child from 0 to 3 years old that can help you learn more about the evolution of your children: