To our kindergarten we have a flexible timetable to cover everyone’s needs

Divided in two shifts:

– MORNING SHIFT: from 7h to 18h.

– AFTERNOON SHIFT: from 12h to 21h, *minimum 12 children)

How are we organized?

Early in the morning, we offer children welcome from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the motning. During this timetable, children also can have breakfast.

Afterwards, we make the rutines and diaries activities defined in our PEC(educational center project). Then they have a recreation in the TIC-TAC garden.

After the recreation, we relax ourselves and we are prepared for the dinner. After eating, we go to sleep for a while.)

Finishing the bed time, we are ready for a snack and then enjoy for a while with songs, tales and recreation. This is the moment when families arrived to pick up their sons/daughters.

Others services:

– Some hours.

– Matriculacions per quinzenes (Register for fortnight – recommended for 4 months infants).

– Saturday workshops: from 9h to 13h in the morning. *minimum 12 infants.

– Extra curricular: from 6 to 7 in the evening. *minimum 12 infants.