Educational project

The main points of our educational project are:

Psychomotor activity

The psychomotor activity development no only refers on child movements, but also it involves the body knowledge, as, body scheme, laterality, coordinating and responding with the whole body in front of  encouragement for their senses, etc.


It’s true that at an early age, children have no difficulty to know a new language, because they sponge all types of knowledge very quickly. So, the children in contact with a second language at early age grow up knowing the two languages without problems, because they perceive learning naturally.

For this reason, at TIC-TAC we adopt the teaching of a second language, as it is English, during the childhood education. However, if it is the case that no progenitor is native of the second language, it should take care of the importance of school for the infant.

Home garden

The discovery of natural elements in the environment is instrictally atractive and motivated for the child. Nothing interests a small kid more tha the life, so it’s essencial that, not only indoor but also outdoor, has the possibility to discover what it is offered.

Thus, the home garden is part of the school and it offers an unique place to live in the environment of nature and for an general activity of children as: psychomotor exploration, sensory experimentation, symbolic and social play.

The music

Approaching the children closer to the musical languages it supposes an extraordinary enrichment to improve their expressive ad creative abilities.

The children enjoy listening to music from their social environment, recognizing the songs and chants of skirt games, participanting more and more actively in the songs, exploring the voice possibilities and others musical instruments, while incorporating necessary abilities and attitudes for the progressive development of their capabilities.

The musical language shapes the gesture to become movement and dance. Musical games which allow you to explore the rhythms, the plasticity of movement, the gesture’s expressivity, the tonal modulations experienced with the whole body, can culminate – in the older ones – in invented and/or known dances. The dance begins to gain strengh as one advances one’s self-control and perception of different rhythms.


Water is a beneficial source of environment for all the people of all ages, including children. The aquatic environment, due to its natural appeal, is a fascinating element, ideal for education and game.

The goals that are set are:

  • To respect the natural evolution of the child,
  • to allow the child living their own experiencies without impositions outside their will,
  • to achieve autonomy in the aquatic environment
  • and to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the aquatic environment as a meeting point, as a nucleus that favors communication at all levels, tonic, verbal and gestual.

However, the materials used to realise the activities are: water mattreses, slides, rubber objects, balls, immersion material … in diferent shapes, colors, textures, size, etc.)

(Project visits and outings.

(We still celebrate folk tradition as autumn, winter, spring carnival «carnestoltes» and saint george.





We colaborate with others schools.

We work with families:

A. The travel book and parents’ visit to the kindergarten.

B. Autumn and Winter Festivals, and End of Course Party.