It should be pointed out some important issues about our educational project:

• It is an innovative project

• It puts into practice a significant learning

• It favours the stimulation of the senses and the emotions

• It helps the cognitive development

• It develops the creativity, the memory and the imagination

• It teaches how to grow as a person

• It favours social and environmental relations

• It stimulates the fine and the psychomotor activity

• It strengthen the evolution of the learning of the speech and the language

• Swimming: it is one of the most completed sports. It helps children to improve their cardio-respiratory abilities, the postural alignment, and it benefits the muscular coordination while developing the sensorial and psychomotor abilities.

Besides, it contributes to the development of the independence and self-confidence of the child.

• English: Development depending on the age:

- From 4 months old to 1 year old: they get comfortable with the musicality and the different sounds

- From 1-year-old to 2 years old: they understand basic instructions

- From 2 years old to 3 years old: they understand what it's told to them and they are able to follow orders

• Psychomotor activity:

If we analyze this concept, it is made out of two parts: “psycho”, which makes reference to the double psychical activity of the human being, its cognitive and socio-affective behaviour; and “motor activity”, which refers to the movement of the body. These two joined together shows the mutual relation between the physical activity and the motor function.

The psychomotor development not only makes reference to the motion or the movement of the child, but it also involves the knowledge of his body, that is, the body image, the coordination with his body in front any stimulus that is perceived by his senses, among other things.

During the psychomotor activity, three development areas of the child are being worked: the BODY IMAGE, the SPATIAL ORGANIZATION and the TEMPORARY ORANIZATION.
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