There will be an extracurricular activity programmed and stipulated for the kindergarten everyday in the afternoon (infants from 4 months to 6 years old).

• ENGLISH: Specialised teacher.

The ability that children have to acquire a second language, different from the mother tongue, it is developed as they get older.

When they are 4 months old, they are already able to distinguish between different languages and understand the meaning of some words and phrases. That is why, as soon as the child is exposed to other languages, as soon as he/she will be able to learn more than one language at the same time, in a native way, without any effort and getting a perfect pronunciation of it.

Parents do not have to be fluent in a language in order to teach it to their children; the important thing is to find the most suitable tools that will assist with the learning and to have the motivation so the youngsters will have a good acquisition of the language.

Children are like sponges, because they have a huge ability to absorb any new knowledge.

• MUSIC: Specialised teacher.

Music is being introduced to children's education when they are preschoolers owed to the importance that Music represents in their mental auditory, sensory and mobility development.

The child who lives in contact with the music learns how to get along better with other children, establishing a more harmonious communication.

So, music is an essential constituent in the first period of the educational system.

• DANCE: Introduction to classical dance.

When children practise classical dance, they learn how to develop their creativity, their mental and social abilities and it is of benefit to their self-esteem.

Moreover, dance helps them to improve their posture and their circulation, among others.

Dance gives them some benefits that will last forever.

• PERFORMING ARTS: Introduction to discovery of the personality.

While performing arts by playing games and different individual and group dynamics' activities, we help children to develop both verbal and corporal expressions, and to stimulate their memorial ability and their mental alertness.

• PLAY WITH THE MOVEMENT: Strengthen psychomotor.

Also, there are some mature components, related to the mature cerebral warming, and some relational components, related to the fact that through its movement and the actions, the child gets in contact with the people and the objects with whom he will be being in contact in a constructive way.

During the psychomotor activity, three development areas of the child are being worked: the BODY IMAGE, the SPATIAL ORGANIZATION and the TEMPORARY ORANIZATION.

- Body image: Perception and self-control of the body parts and the movement, postural balance, distinguish between right and left, breathing...

- Spatial organization: To know how to orient yourself regarding the objects and to be able to make a mental representation of the space where the movement will be developed.

- Temporary organization: Time concept. To be able to control some notions like “before-after”, “yesterday-today”... This is an ability that the child will achieve when he will be 7 years old approximately. However, he can start with some activities and games, even though the concept won't be worked in a systematic way.

Different kind of activities will be made, adapted to each age. Some of them are:

- Introductory activities that leads the child to a sequence of intentioned movements.

- Free exploration activities.

- Dances, songs with expressions, motor circuits, games...

The main purposes of every activity that will be done during the sessions are:

- Knowledge, comprehension and self-control

- Knowledge and comprehension of the others

- Knowledge and comprehension of the environment

- Comprehension about the relations established with oneself, with the environment and with the others.
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