The baby led weaning method

Here we show you some of the rules for starting the complementary food with solids for babies:

– The child should be the one who manage his/her own feeding process and the adult only facilitates it to them.

– The baby must sit without help.

– We have to offer the food to the child without forcing him/her to eat.

– We try to eat together and don’t leaving him/her alone.

– First we offer the breast milk and then the food.

– The adult needs to know the Heimlich maneuver for babies.

– Little by little we offer him/her different foods always watching for possible allergies.

– At first, it is important not to mix solid food with the crushed one.

– It is important no to distract the child during the meals.

For more information we let you some books that it could help you:

Se me hace bola (Julio Basulto)

Mi niño no me come ( Carlos Gonzàlez)

Aprender a comer solo ( Lídia Folgar)

Sin diendtes y a bocados ( Juan Llorca)

Mis recetas adaptades a Baby Led Weaning (Adriana Palazon)