Sphincter control

The sphincter controls is the result of the neurophysiological and psychological maturation process of the child.

To start with, the knowledge process about the voluntary control of sphincters, the teacher has to be aware of the neurological maturation signs, such as it is decreased numbers ofexcretions and urination, and the psycological maturation, such as the moments when the infant recognizes the needs of excretion along with his possiilities of expressing it. Other indicators that can guide us to decide the beggining of this knowledge are the use ofthe first person singular in his/her usual speech and also that has the mastery of the bodynecessary to sit and get up from the toilet.

On the practical level the child needs to be able to experiment with the excretory function, doing pee or poop in the toilet, to begin to recognize sensations that occur accidentally. Observing the adults and their mates before that they are able to perform the control, it brings them a social use of relevant objects, action sequences and clues useful to express in their need.

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